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Senior Living: Are you prepared for assisted living?

Author: Follow the Eyes

February 27, 2018

The decision to go to assisted living varies for each individual. There are many factors that play into knowing whether or not it is time to go, or put our loved ones in skilled nursing facilities. However, once decided that moving to a community is the best decision, there’s a lot of preparing that needs to be done, both mentally and physically. Here are a few tips to get prepared and know you and your loved one are prepared for the changes ahead.

Do the necessary planning first.

If you have no idea what to expect, there is no way anyone can be prepared. Tour different communities ahead of time so you know what you are going to be getting yourself, or a loved one, into. Meet the staff and ask plenty of questions. Research different facilities and make sure you are choosing the one that is best for you. Know what you are getting into, before you actually have to go.

Discuss everything – even the sensitive subjects.

Don’t leave anything up for assumptions. Talk with your loved ones about any and all concerns you are having. You’re not going to feel comfortable or ready to move on to the next phase of life if there is still unfinished business in the current chapter. Talk about problems, possible solutions, different outcomes- anything you can think of! It’s important to get everything out in the air that needs to be and move on with mental freshness and clarity.

Make it like home.

Bring some of your most important belongings with you. This will be your home, not just a temporary stay. You should have more than your clothes with you. Bring mementos, pictures, your favorite movie and books. Make this community your home so you aren’t feeling like a guest. Come prepared to settle in to your new lifestyle, by bringing the things that make you happy.

Schedule Visits

Plan ahead and schedule visits with your loved ones so you will know what to expect, as well as having something to look forward to. This will even help in preventing senior isolation, because you will know that you have people there for you that want to see you as well. Embrace the changes that are coming and do your best to prepare for them in advance.

It is important to become mentally and physically prepared for the next part of your life. This change will be big, but it is definitely doable. Have you done everything you can to be prepared? Being ready is an option you must choose for yourself!