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Ideas to create smiles throughout the year

Author: Follow the Eyes

June 6, 2017

150 things that will make you smile. Try one today!

  1. Do a random act of kindness
  2. Hug a friend, loved one or stranger
  3. Listen to your favorite song, dance too!
  4. Wear bright-colored socks
  5. Make a list of everything you’ve accomplished this year – big and small
  6. Tell someone how much they mean to you
  7. Give someone flowers
  8. Go to your favorite place and sit or take a walk
  9. Create a gratitude list — make a list of the big and small things you are thankful for
  10. Watch a funny movie
  11. Read a funny book or article
  12. Call a friend that makes you laugh
  13. Smile at a stranger
  14. Have lunch with a friend
  15. Enjoy your favorite food / snack
  16. Spend time with a child
  17. If you have FB – ask your friends to post something that makes them smile
  18. Blow bubbles
  19. Do your favorite craft
  20. Look at pictures from a happy event or milestone in your life
  21. Handwrite a note to someone you love
  22. Bake cookies and share with a neighbor
  23. Walk your dog
  24. Do a cartwheel
  25. Go for a drive
  26. Take a bubblebath
  27. Play dress-up with your kids
  28. Take a nap
  29. Eat something sweet without counting calories
  30. Go on a scavenger hunt
  31. Jump rope or do the hula hoop
  32. Look at old pictures or watch a family video
  33. Sleep in and wake up without an alarm
  34. Go outside and step on crunchy autumn leaves
  35. Build a snowman or snow angel
  36. Play catch with a friend
  37. Take a road trip with a friend or family member
  38. Go visit a garage sale and buy something you normally wouldn’t
  39. Feed the birds – put a bird house / bird feeder outside your window
  40. Hang wind chimes outside your window
  41. Volunteer at your local soup supper
  42. Put on your favorite soundtrack and go for a random drive
  43. Donate to a good cause
  44. Watch the sunset or sunrise
  45. Play charades with a group of friends
  46. Rearrange your furniture
  47. Go sailing, boating or water skiing
  48. Get a new haircut
  49. Compliment a stranger
  50. Pay it forward
  51. Visit a nature preserve and see how many animals you can spot
  52. Have a pillow fight
  53. Decorate your front door
  54. Fingerpaint
  55. Knit or crochet a scarf
  56. Make a collage
  57. Do a craft with a friend
  58. Share your legacy – start a daily journal with the intention of passing it to a loved one – share interesting fact/stories
  59. Eat ice cream!
  60. Swing on a porch swing
  61. Wave at a stranger
  62. Connect with an old friend
  63. Have breakfast in bed
  64. Visit a butterfly garden
  65. Put together a puzzle – either by yourself or with a friend
  66. Create a memento box – decorate the outside and collect items with meaning
  67. Rediscover an old hobby
  68. Take photos of something or someone you love
  69. Watch the lightning during a thunderstorm and count the flashes
  70. Lay out on a hammock
  71. Go bird watching
  72. Give a cherished item to someone special
  73. Sing like nobody’s listening
  74. Fly a kite
  75. Walk on the beach and add to your shell collection
  76. Take $20 and invest it in something
  77. Wake up early and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea by the light of the sun rising
  78. Try a new recipe
  79. Go on a spontaneous weekend trip
  80. Foster or adopt an animal who needs a home
  81. Pick apples, berries or fresh veggies to add to your menu
  82. Donate food to a local food bank
  83. Be a mentor – share your knowledge and experience
  84. Coordinate a surprise birthday party for a friend
  85. Be a pen pal to a new friend
  86. Have a snowball fight
  87. Visit someone who lives alone
  88. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  89. Shop at your favorite store
  90. Make fresh lemonade and share with a neighbor on a hot day
  91. Plan a dream vacation, even if you can’t go
  92. Go to the zoo, a fair or amusement park
  93. Make a scrapbook with a grandchild
  94. Give an anonymous gift to someone in need
  95. Deliver a meal and eat with someone who lives alone
  96. Buy fresh flowers and display them in your home
  97. Have a party at your home for no reason
  98. Visit a local museum or historical site
  99. Put a fresh coat of paint on something you love
  100. Go people watching
  101. Visit a secluded area and stargaze – can you spot any shooting stars?
  102. Go to a coffee shop, get your favorite drink, and sit for awhile
  103. Borrow a book from a library and read it the same day
  104. Collect leaves of different sizes and shapes and press them
  105. Start a vegetable, herb, or flower garden
  106. Take a yoga or wellness class with a friend
  107. Swim under a waterfall
  108. Recognize a Veteran with a new flag or letter of thanks
  109. Read a story to someone who can’t see
  110. Drive someone who can’t drive
  111. Take a walk in the rain and jump in the puddles
  112. Volunteer to walk dogs at your local humane society
  113. Watch a fireworks display
  114. Take your grandchild to the park to play
  115. Give a mom a break and take her kids on an adventure
  116. Visit a local park and swing on the swings
  117. Go to a pond and feed the ducks
  118. Write a list of your top 5 favorite moments in life
  119. Make something from scratch and give it away
  120. Visit an art gallery and sketch your favorite piece of art
  121. Try meditating
  122. Be brave and tent camp at a state park
  123. Catch a snowflake on your tongue
  124. Make pitcher of iced tea during a hot summer day
  125. Marathon your favorite Netflix show without feeling guilty
  126. Prepare homemade frozen meals for someone who is unable to cook
  127. Rake leaves and jump in the pile
  128. Take a tour of the lighthouses in your location
  129. Go canoeing with a couple friends
  130. Practice gratitude – note three things you are grateful for each day
  131. Go to an outdoor concert
  132. Go on a picnic with a friend
  133. Buy someone a cup of coffee
  134. Go to a paint and sip with friends
  135. Draw with sidewalk caulk and then clean it up with water balloons
  136. Do something you’ve been putting off for awhile
  137. Take a walk in a field and pick wildflowers
  138. Buy a box of chocolates and eat them till you can’t eat anymore
  139. Find personal letters, cards, or emails and read through them
  140. Have a child or grandchild draw a portrait of the two of you
  141. Laugh out loud without shame
  142. Go out and exercise — take a run, ride your bike, play tennis, etc.
  143. Listen to an old favorite song or album, preferably one you haven’t listened to for years
  144. Buy a mystery fruit from the grocery store and try it
  145. Sign up for a free online course
  146. Create a business card for your dream job
  147. Hand make a card for someone
  148. Write a positive review online
  149. Buy a potted plant and name him or her
  150. Go to a secondhand book store. Look for notes and scribbles hidden in the pages