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Best apps for caregivers

Author: Follow the Eyes

January 16, 2018

With the advancement of technology, there are many tools conveniently found right in our pockets. The influx of apps on our mobile devices has given us many choices that allow our lives to become a little easier and more organized. From apps to monitor health and wellness, to educational tools, even communication between family and caregivers, you have a variety of tools to help you stay organized and in control.

Those giving care to their loved ones now have many apps to choose from to make care just a little simpler. Here are some of the top apps for caregivers.

1. CareZone

It is a simple to use app that allows easy medication management and symptom tracking when caring for yourself, an aging loved one or any other family member. Keep everything organized and coordinated by multiple people in one app or through their online platform. Quickly scan prescription medicines into the app and get reminders when they need to be taken or refilled. Keep track of appointments, weight, pain, blood pressure and more.

2. CarePartners Mobile

Looking for an app that allows you to communicate seamlessly with other caregivers in a secure online community? CarePartners Mobile allows you to streamline care coordination with members of your family or care team. You’ll be able to create, manage and view upcoming caregiving tasks with a shared to-do list. You are also able to assign tasks to individuals, get volunteers for certain tasks and sync tasks to a smartphone calendar.

3. CareMinds

With CareMinds, you can make sure your loved one is staying safe and healthy. Pair the app with a Fitbit wearable device and get updates on their activity, heart rate, and sleep. Get alerted with clinically oriented alerts that will let you know when things happen or haven’t happened. Alerts include if they’ve made their daily step goal, if there is any inactivity, or a change in their long-term activity. You can be alerted in the case of an abnormal heart rate, sleep efficiency in hours or if they wake up unusually early or late.

4. Elder 411

Get all the information you need for caregiving with Elder 411. As you care for your loved one, you will probably come up with questions or concerns. Learn from more than 500 pieces of expert advice, easily accessible through your smartphone at any time. Find 11 different topics that will provide you with proven solutions to issues you may have as you encounter them.

5. Dementia Caregiver Solutions

It can be extremely hard to manage stress while caring for a loved one who has late-stage Alzheimer’s or dementia. Through no fault of you or your loved one, challenging behaviors can be difficult to manage, including aggression, anxiety/agitation, wanting to “go home”, sundowning, or refusing to bathe. Dementia Caregiver Solutions provides you with solutions and approaches that are based on expert knowledge that have been proven in real-life settings.

6. Great Call

Through the power of an app and a cell phone, you can ensure your loved one is safe. GreatCall Link is a free app for your smartphone that will keep you informed with the health and safety of family members who have GreatCall Devices. Check in anytime, anywhere. They can maintain an independent life and you can rest at ease. You’ll be able to check into their activities to make sure routines are normal, receive alerts in the case of medical emergencies, and check-in with simple yes or no questions so you can tell how your loved one is doing.